3 DIY Home Improvements for the New Year

I’m sure you would agree with me when I say 2020 is a year we want to be over with. It’s been an awful difficult time for many because of the pandemic but we Australians stay resilient and optimistic. But before we end the year, it is important to create a home improvement checklist which includes: sealing a shower, cleaning the lawn, sorting old stuff, repairing tiles, and so on.

We’ve been spending more time in our homes which means we’ve been using our furniture more, we flush our toilets more, we just use every square inch of our homes more. This year, I noticed that my bathroom continuously produces these puddles on the floor. I thought it was my kids but hey, it turns out that I need to seal my shower. If you’re a DIY mom just like me, I’m sharing with you my home improvement wish list.

Repair my kitchen

Before the pandemic, I barely used my kitchen to cook. I usually order food for the family. But 2020 changed it. I’m spending more time in the kitchen than ever before. I’ve been so happy with my improving culinary skills. My kids and husband are admiring my Chicken Alexander recipe. But it comes at a significant cost. I’ve broken some kitchen tiles, unhinged a cabinet door, and left a burn mark on the table. Thank goodness there are some DIY solutions online I can actually follow!

Check my shower

Like I said earlier, I started to notice some water puddles form on our bathroom floor even when no one is taking a shower. After searching for some answers online, I realized that sealing a shower is something I need to do. I had a leaky shower and upon my inspection, I saw missing grouts and some cracks or peels in my shower enclosure. It’s so good that I found online the best silicone sealant for showers in Australia. It’s a DIY kit that I can confidently do even without my husband’s help.

Tidy up the lawn

Repairing a kitchen and sealing a shower is already quite a job for me, but as a hands-on mom, I also want to prove that I can do household repairs too! So why not take on a major task like tidying up the lawn, right? I know my husband would not let me probably do it but I’m sure he will support me when I volunteer to do some outdoor work. I’ve seen these DIY videos on the internet on how you can efficiently clean your lawn and plant some nice shrubs and do a little landscaping as well.

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