3 Essential Upgrades to Spruce Up Your Patio for the Summer!

While the Northern Hemisphere is zipping up for the cool weather at the start of the year, Australians are stripping down as the summer hits some pretty extreme highs with hot and humid days. It’s these days when patios in Sydney find their purpose. A lot of upgrading and patio maintenance happens during this time. Whether it’s inviting friends over for lunch or hanging out for a late-night barbecue, patios are undeniably a comfort zone for many during the summer.

But not all households are lucky enough to have patios that exude comfort and style. Some are left to the elements until they wither and age. Some are battered by extreme heat and heavy downpours. These are people who totally neglected a part of the house that can actually offer something more than just extra space. If you’re one of those homeowners, it’s time to reconsider your patio and try out these simple upgrades!

Get some plants on the deck

Just like many patios in Sydney, every extra outdoor space in your home can be transformed into a special spot. One of the most basic things to start it off with is plants. Patios and plants are like salt and pepper. They just complement each other! Plants love the sunlight and a patio is a perfect spot for them. Hanging plants provide some shade while potted plants add a touch of coziness and relaxation. Some plants like the Alocasia and Monstera are very pretty statement pieces while succulents give a more rustic feel.

Shade up

While wide-open spaces are great for a spring gathering, it’s not quite practical when the weather turns gray or when it’s just too hot to stay under the sun. Some patios in Sydney actually want to make their patios more useful even when the weather is unpredictable. This is when shade structures become an essential part of a patio. There are some very reliable companies that create these structures called pergolas using galvanized steel and PVC roofing which adds stability and style to your patio. Pergolas in Sydney may cost quite a sum but you are assured of the quality and the comfort it will bring to your patio space.

Make it comfortable

The final touch to every beautiful patio, after the plants and the shade, is the furniture. The beauty of a patio with a roof is that you can use almost any kind of furniture types like wood and steel, and sometimes even with upholstery. They’re protected from the rain and extreme heat. Some would even add storage spaces, grills, and other outdoor equipment as well. One final touch for every patio is hanging or string lights. It’s the perfect finale that converts your patio into an evening nook for family and friends.

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