About Me

Like many people, I had a day job and could only take vacations and travels on holidays and weekends. I know how it actually feels to work hard every day and get excited to spending limited money and time on travel. When I was starting to travel, I committed so many mistakes. I got lost each time, got scammed, and spending more I should. Thus, I created this blog with three things in mind. First, to share my misadventures. Second, to make people appreciate how wonderful our world is. Lastly, to provide travel tips so you will not have to waste your hard-earned money when you travel.


The first few articles on this blog site were in fact part of business trips and company getaways that I gratefully took advantage of. When I became able to spend for a personal trip, I’d make do with the little budget that I had. In my initial days of travel blogging, I slept at bus terminals and airports so I won’t have to throw money on fancy hotels. I also refused to have meals at expensive restaurants so I would just go to the local stores for food.


My goal is to show how it’s absolutely probable to travel despite circumstances and odds. You can also discover the best types of resources and experiences that will assist any type of traveler in planning an unforgettable getaway and vacation. I want to inspire people through my travel stories and personal adventures. I also intend to share detailed and information-packed contents about travel hacks, tips and tricks, recommendations, and guides.


This blog is not in the business of endorsing the cheapest means to travel. But, I am on a mission to discover and share what provides the best value for your money. It should not at all times be about the price. You do not have to be rich to be able to travel and see the world, but you can definitely make your trips priceless. What I encourage is for you to be more wary of how you handle your finances when you travel so you can create more valuable memories.


I make every effort to make each of my posts entertaining and informative as well as to add value to my readers’ experience and to be as helpful as I can. I usually add personal touch and humor to my experiences and stories to make a blog site that boasts effective and valuable contents more than anything else

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