Eating Lebanese: Dining Etiquette

It’s no question how Lebanese food is loved worldwide, especially in Australia. We thought it might be more enjoyable to savor charcoal chicken in Sydney as you read through the Lebanese dining etiquettes. Learning a couple of notes about a nation’s food culture definitely, make their menu offering much more interesting.

Dining Etiquette

One thing that you must learn first is that Lebanon is a predominantly a Muslim nation. Since religion has so much to do about food and food culture, it is no longer surprising that their most popular food is actually the charcoal chicken in Sydney.

Before you dine, it is very important to note whether your host is a Muslim or a Christian. Either way is not so sure should direct you to dress up in a more conservative manner, especially if you are a woman. That way, you will not get too many stares as you chomp down the favorite charcoal chicken in Sydney. This is true even as you visit restaurants outside Lebanon, such as the ones in Australia.

Another thing that you must remember is to refrain from asking about pork recipes or alcoholic beverages. It’s not as if chicken and chips is a worthy recipe to come back for over and over again. But just in case you forget, they are predominantly Muslims and they don’t consume both products.

Turning down food offers is also presumed as rude in Lebanon. Whenever a host offers you food, you should get even just a bit of it. That is far more acceptable than turning down the offer altogether. When you are eating at a Lebanese restaurant, this might not happen too often as you normally order what you want at the table. But in case your host offers more, try to get a bit and have a bite.

Don’t worry because everything about the Lebanese cuisine is delightful. You would not have a hard time loving every bite, even if it was just the first time you tasted them.

Apart from delightful chicken recipes, they also mostly have bread on the table. Hummus, a special dip made of mashed chickpeas, and Tabbouleh, a delicious salad made of fresh veggies and served with a splash of lemon dressing, is also commonly served. But apart from those staples, you would also love their stuffed peppers and most especially their kebabs.

Eating Lebanese is definitely more exciting when you know how to dine the right way, appreciating both the food and the culture.

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