Face Shield as the Better Face Protection Against COVID-19: Commonly Asked Questions

The world is currently battling a pandemic that has already caused half a million deaths. And while plastic-made face shields have been around for some time now, its importance as safe and long-lasting face protection against disease as infectious as the COVID-19 has never been more emphasized. Argued by experts more capable of delivering better performance than face masks, it comes as no surprise why there’s an increase in demand for this product.

This article tackles the commonly asked questions about the use of face shields as face protection during this time of pandemic.

  • Why is wearing it encouraged? As the world waits for a vaccine to fight COVID-19, one of the simplest things that the public can do is to wear face protection. Compared to face masks, face shields cover the entire face — making them more effective in serving as a barrier against possibly infected droplets. Their secondary purpose is to help users refrain from frequently touching their faces with hands that can also be possibly contaminated.
  • How should it be worn? Like a disposable face mask, this shield can only be effective when properly worn. The head strap should be properly adjusted to fit your head size and shape. It should also extend below to your chin to ensure that your face is comprehensively covered. To help provide comfort, the shield should be tightened at the back. Whenever worn out in the public, the shield should be kept in the “down” position, or else its very purpose will be defeated.
  • When should it be used? A face shield is a protective gear that helps protect its users who are prompted to go out in the public (e.g. when working, buying groceries). It can also be used indoors or in settings when the user is expected to have physical contact with a possibly infected individual (e.g clinics, hospitals).
  • Can it be used repeatedly? One of the best perks of face shields in Australia is their reusability given that they are regularly sanitized after every use. However, if you see any signs of damage or wear and tear, you should already replace the shield or invest in an entirely new unit.
  • How do you properly clean and store it? Alcohol solutions with 70% alcohol and EPA-approved disinfectants can be used to clean face shields. To keep a clear vision and pristine condition of the shield itself, you can also additionally use soap and hot water. Keep a separate plastic or paper bag for its storage.


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