Four Important Items That Can Actually Save Your Life When You Travel

Hi, I am Elap Ecuador. When I pack for a trip, I normally just think about gadgets, clothes, and toiletries. Too often, I forget about safety and security, I forget about my health. It is surprising since I understand that there is nothing more troublesome than falling victim to an attack, accident, or illness when you are far away from home.


In this post, I’m listing down four items that we constantly take for granted but should not as these things could actually save our lives.


  1. Sufficient Fluids – Dehydration or lack of fluids in the body is a real danger when traveling. This is the reason why I always promote drinking lots of water. But then again, a bottle of fluid is not enough to keep us hydrated. Backpacking can be a very strenuous activity. Hiking around under the sun heat with more than 50 pounds of luggage and gear on your back is very exhausting. Biking for hours can be a bit draining. Moreover, dehydration also affects our brain-to-muscle communication.


  1. Insect-Repellent Cream or OintmentI loved the outdoors. I enjoyed camping with my friends and cousins. We’d just bring hammock and tent to the woods or the beach, and we’d stay there overnight. So I always make sure that I have an insect-repellent lotion in my bag. Imagine being in a remote village or in the forest while suffering from insect bites. Yet, mosquitoes and other dangerous insects aren’t limited in the wilderness. They are actually everywhere that’s why it is always good to have something to deter them.


  1. First-Aid KitOn the way back to the hotel, I jumped onto the bus but lost my footing and fell off, leaving me with a shallow but huge wound on my right knee. However, getting wounded wasn’t actually the challenging part. I was traveling solo in India, so I had to go to a pharmacy to buy gauze and antiseptic. Language barrier was my primary concern when buying antiseptic from a local store. Things such as this could have been prevented if I had only carried with me my first-aid kit. A normal first-aid kit does not weigh too much and should be a packing essential.


  1. Mobile Charger or Power BankMy smartphone can be utilized as a flashlight, one thing I will need during emergency. It can serve as a map or a compass in situation I get lost. I can call loved ones or emergency numbers if I require immediate help. But then again that only works if I have battery power. Most smartphones today would last only one day, and there are cases when that’s not sufficient. The last thing I want isn’t being able to use my smartphone just when I need it the most. Power bank will ensure I have enough juice to keep my smart phone active in case something unfortunate happen.


Most significantly, I get myself a travel insurance each time I plan on hitting the road! It is something that I would never wish I would use, but I would be really thankful that I have one should I need it.

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