Important Packing Tips for Sellers this Pandemic Holidays

Package shipment is starting to pick up especially during the Holidays. Freight forwarders in Australia are swamped with parcels waiting to be shipped out to their destinations. With the rise of online shopping, e-commerce, and the lingering COVID-19 Pandemic, the shipping business is experiencing a spike in inactivity. In an article from the Daily Cargo News, “Australia shipped 934 million parcels, with an average of 37 parcels shipped per person in 2019.” China and the US remain the biggest players in the parcel business but in Australia, forecasts reveal an increase of 14.8% for 2020-2024.

Thanks to companies like Amazon and Alibaba, international freight has become more and more of a necessity. And for sellers sending out packages to customers, it is very important to take note of these packing tips to ensure that your items will be shipped in good condition.

Stack according to weight

It’s great to have multiple orders from customers. It’s easier to do the packing and shipment. However, some businesses fail to do it correctly. It’s common customer feedback to have items received in poor or damaged condition. Usually, this happens when heavier items are dumped over lighter or more fragile items. Professional freight forwarders in Australia would know how to best stack parcels according to weight and size. Typically, larger and heavier packages go at the bottom while the lighter and smaller ones go at the top of the pile. The same should go for items placed in a single package. Heavy items should be at the bottom while lighter items should be on top.

Seal properly

Some packages involve liquids, food, or items that can “spill”. These can be bottles of shampoo, chocolate, or even beanie bag fillers. Customers have had nightmare experiences when the package they receive have spills, stains, or in a state of total mess. When it comes to these kinds of times, special care is needed. Fragile items are usually encased in bubble wrap which is a common practice and knowledge amongst freight forwarders in Australia. For liquids, bottles are best double sealed with tape so the caps don’t come off suddenly. Food should likewise be sealed properly or placed in containers where it’s quality won’t be compromised.

Maximize space

Getting the right box to fit your items is also very important. Small items and documents are best sent in envelopes or pouches. Multiple items can be sent in small or medium boxes. In some cases, mega boxes are used for packages that include a wide variety of products and goods. Express freighters in Australia charge you with the size of your package or parcel along with the weight, destination, and type of transport. Make sure to find the box or container that has the right fit for your items. If you’re sending shoes or similar objects with hollow interiors, make sure to fill them to save on crucial space.

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