To-Do List While in Seminyak

Seminyak is a popular tourist destination in Bali, Indonesia. Well-known for its picturesque sunset scenes and pristine beaches and shorelines, it is not surprising why many tourists have been booking Seminyak Holiday Villas just to experience the place’s relaxing and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Despite being a high-end town, this place offers different activities that let you enjoy nature while basking in the unique Indonesian culture.

In this article, we’ve listed down seven things to add to your to-do list while you’re in this town. These items are, of course, on top of making the most of the amenities offered by one of the Seminyak Holiday Villas you’ve booked.

  1. Sunset dining. As mentioned, this Indonesian town is famous for its scenic sunset view. And what better way to make this view more memorable than to relax with your loved ones and share a delicious dinner with them. When booking Seminyak Holiday Villas, make sure to choose one located near the beach.
  1. Surfing. Seminyak beach is gifted with moderately high waves, making it the perfect surfing hub for first-timers and amateurs. If you’re craving for some water adventure, you should definitely do this in your upcoming visit.
  1. Scuba diving. Besides traversing the surface of Seminyak waters, you should also try exploring the gems hidden beneath them. Scuba diving is a great way to alleviate stress while enjoying various underwater wonders.
  1. Horse riding. Walking along the shoreline of a majestic beach located on a foreign shore is already one for the books. But riding a horse in such a movie-like setting? It’s another story. So as a pro tip, make sure to book one of the best family Seminyak Villas that offer a horse riding activity.
  1. Visiting a tourist destination without buying any souvenir just doesn’t sound right. When in Seminyak, make sure to visit shops and boutiques (the main “shopping street” is Jk. Laksmana) — they have a diverse array of items from Balinese furniture to eclectic homewares.
  1. Taking Yoga classes. Bali is an awesome place for relaxation. Apart from getting pampered through spa facilities, you can also take Yoga classes to help you free your mind from stress and negativities.
  1. Immersing in Indonesian culture. After booking one of Seminyak villas for rent near the beach, you also have to put this item on your to-do list. From visiting museums and temples to dining at restaurants that feature local cuisine, getting acquainted with Indonesian culture is the best way to complete your Seminyak visit.
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