Top Three Pristine Beach Destinations in the Philippines

With its endless coastlines, there is absolutely no scarcity of white sand beaches that any tourist can go around the Philippines. In the recent years, many beach-goers have been commonly concentrated in one of the world’s most popular island – Boracay Island. Every year, this haven has been undergoing massive manmade developments to satisfy the demands of the increasing influx of both foreign and local tourists. However, too much commercialism is likewise taking toll to this once quiet, pristine, and immaculate island.


I’m fortunate to have been to various splendid beaches in the Philippines that boast spectacular sunrise and sunset, fine sandy shoreline, lush mangrove forests, amazing dive sites, and clear waters. The magnificence of these beaches will surely blow your mind!


Here are some of my much loved unspoiled beaches. “Unspoiled” because these beaches have not been spoiled by too much developments and construction. Here, the concept of summer beach vacation is purely to appreciate nature.


  1. Banana Island, Malcapuya Island, Bulog-dos Island: Enthralling Beaches of Coron, Palawan

    Island-hopping is the top activity I recommend if you are in Coron, Palawan. Save an entire day in your itinerary to enjoy and stroll along its white sand shores that have virtually zero or only a handful of tourists around. Revel in Malcapuya, Bulog-dos and Banana Islands’ crystalline waters, fine sand beach, and awesome snorkeling spots.


  1. Calaguas Island – Camarines Norte’s Astonishing Beach

Certainly one of the best beaches I have seen and regardless of the attention it has been receiving lately, I can still consider it untouched for the lack of infrastructure near the shoreline. There are some nipa huts for rent but it is ideal to bring your own hammock and tents.


No accommodations, no electricity, no network signal, no crowds of tourists, no everything – just pure nature at its finest. Have fun in the wonderful fine sand and be stunned by its crystal clear waters. Apart from beachcombing, I also enjoy other activities including island-hopping, bird-watching, playing volleyball, and hiking. If on DIY, I recommend that you bring your own food, camping essentials, and personal items since the stores in Calaguas island have limited supplies.


  1. Anguib Cove and Palaui Island – Cagayan’s “Boracay of the North”


The northern part Luzon is home to a few beaches that we can still call “unspoiled.” Two of the top beach destinations in Cagayan are Anguib Cove and Palaui Island. From San Vicente Port, I hired a boat going to the beautiful Anguib Cove, it boasts of white sand shore likened by many tourist to the White Beach of Boracay.

Another wonderful beach is the Palaui Island, which about half an hour away from Cagayan’s San Vicente Port. Completely flawless particularly during the summer season, this small island will certainly captivate you. Best things to do in this beautiful island include snorkeling and hiking to a Spanish-old lighthouse known as Cape Engano. There are no accommodations in the Palaui Island so I advise you to bring your own food supplies and tent if you wish to stay overnight, you just need permission from San Vicente tourism officer.


Isolation, serenity, and that rare chance to be just “one with nature”, these unspoiled beaches in the Philippines can offer all that!

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